Long lies and boring TV.

Published September 27, 2011 by laurrx

Oh god, another long lie. Another day off, and nothing to do. Something give me money?? Or payday… Long lies, i know, aren’t illegal but i need to have early days, i keep missing Make It Or Break It (you can laugh but it’s so good).

I think i am genuinely still suffering from my weekend, i slept on the floor then on a couch, so i am achy EVERYWHERE!
(I also need to stop watching the tv just now cos i’m getting forgetful.)

Anyway, i would like to live that weekend again and again!! And also i’d like next weekend to hurry hurry! not this weekend though cause i’m so so so poor its painful.

Now that Friends has been taken off E4, they’ve had a pure revamp of it all. And the two new shows (i dont know what they’re called but Elisha Cuthberts in one of them…) are so bad, like awful bad. The only thing i watch is Scrubs, 90210 and Make It Or Break It.

Two weeks today until i go see Rihanna! Actually not that excited, just yet.

Anyway, just a short ramble. but i need some ideas about what to do next?



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