October Part Une.

Published October 3, 2011 by laurrx

Howdy folks!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the beginning of Fall.

Autumn is possibly one of the most beautiful seasons ever and i am super happy we are now entering it. This month is gonna be amazing! My friends, family and I have an awesome amount of plans and we are so lucky.

this saturday my parents are going to a spa thing for the night and it’s the first live shows of x factor so i’m having the “core” over for some drinks and partying. excited!
also this weekend Nicholas is moving out into another flat so i’m helping him and then we’re gonna have a night in with some food and movies!

next tuesday 11th me and my friends are going to see Rihanna. Just wondered who is supporting her and just found out maybe Rihanna – but DING just remembered she had to pull out cause of her leg. SHAME. lets hope its Minaj! love her. i’m so excited to just jam! (five minutes later: calvin harris is supporting her. amazing!)

next thursday and friday i have nights out!! for an old skool garage thursday and then a night out for my friend Nicole’s big birthday! We’re going to Sugar Cube, new club in Gtown and i’m gonna review it ive decided. dont quite know how i feel about it the now to be honest. but it’ll be a fun night out!

the tuesday after that my sister Linda is getting the keys to her new flat! such an exciting and big part of her life. she is so happy and i couldnt be more pleased for her (except thats a lie, cause i’ll miss her so so so so much!!). and the day after is her birthday, so i asked for these two days off and i’m gonna treat her to some nice birthday lunch!

the next weekend (oh god i am far too busy, i will be so skint) my mums cousin Gordon is coming home from Australia for the weekend so we’ll have a great Googsy night in with my mums side of the family. should be a hoot! and i’m looking forward to seeing Cousin Kim as she just recently got engaged to her boyfriend Chris.

and more family homecomings. Christine will be home the very next weekend so me, her and Linda are having a boozy dinner then a sleepover back at linda’s flat! and the next night me and my friends have been invited to a halloween 21st. my blog today is mainly about my costume. last year my costume was fully thrown together so this year i want it planned and everything to be appropriate to the character. Kandee Johnson – a youtuber who i have beein following for forever now – done a costume tutorial on the chesire cat. and i loved it. so i tried it out today and can’t wait to show you!!




defos a halloween plan! i just need to get some costume in about it now!!

i used a topshop cream to powder blush, all over and blended in colours from my coastal scents palette to make the eyes and the different shade of the face. the mouth was done with talc powder haha! i’ll need some white face paint and maybe some pink face paint or something. i am so excited about halloween though!




anyway spooks and love


ps. the reason this is “part une” is because i will keep this up to date with whats going on about october and such! also i’ll review sugarcube soon times!!









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