flu jag!!

Published October 21, 2011 by laurrx


so about 3 weeks ago the doctors called me and left a message telling me to call and make an appointment for my flu jag.

now, i am by far the worst jag-getter!! when i was younger i used to demand they put that “magic cream” (i dont actually know what its called but its number the area they were jagging and it felt less sore). even when i was 17 and i was getting my pacemaker replaced, it was my first time in the adult hospital (not a good experience-at all) when they said i needed to have blood taken i freaked the heck out and asked if i could have the cream. and they found a small bit and it was alright blah blah blah etc.

but, at 21 i could hardly walk into the nurses room and be like “BITCH GET ME THAT MAGIC CREAM!!!”

so anyway back to the point. i was nervous and told Linda they called and that i didnt want to go. she told me to call. then i finally just told my mum on sunday night and she told me to call. so i called. thursday 10.40. i was so so so so so so so so nervous it was unreal!! Linda was off this week so i asked her to come with me and come in and hold my hand. i was beyond nervous when i went in and the nurse couldnt have been nicer. she told me “you wont feel a thing”. i thought “yeah heard it!!!!!”

and i didnt feel a thing.

until this morning… i was so achy and my head felt like it weighed a tonne. but if i dont get the flu i am sorted! and recommend you all to get it!

love and vaccinations



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