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Published December 18, 2011 by laurrx

It’s snowing. And im perched at my window blogging from my phone. (Awesome WordPress iPhone app).

It’s 2.40am Friday morning. I cannot sleep. Recently that’s all I’ve found with myself…I’ve not been sleeping til about 4am and getting up at 2pm. I’m so lazy and useless!

I sat for about 15 minutes with the window open and what I heard was so bliss. It was so calm and peaceful. The snow was gorgeous…gorgeous until it hits about 8am when people are up and about, walking to work and bus stops and shops etc. it’s so heavy…


I don’t think this is actually the best picture. I’ll take one tomorrow when it’ll most likely be less gorgeous. And I’ll tweet it My Twitter

I’m working at 3pm tomorrow in New Look, and I bet it’ll be so dead because of the weather.

Today was so lovely I would not have predicted this snow. I did just say to Melo how gorgeous it was and how in 12 hours time I’ll be saying the exact opposite when I leave for work.

I love the snow from inside the house…it makes me feel so cosy.

So…it’s now Sunday 1.53am about 48 hours after I started this post! I am so useless!

I am so excited about this upcoming week!

Tomorrow I’m working my first Sunday in New Look…and I know you might think I’m crazy for being excited but I am looking forward to it (omg I think panted it because when I wrote the letter “I” I didn’t press space quick enough and my iPhone said “capital I” since when did this crack happen?!). After work tomorrow me and the girls are going out for Christmas dinner and to swap Christmas gifts! I’m so excited. Then on Tuesday we are going ice skating at George square! We haven’t done this in about 3 Christmases! So it’ll be so much fun and so Christmassy!!! On Wednesday my work are having the Christmas disco and all the kids love it so it should be such a nice day for them, then working 6.30-11.30 which really sucks! On Friday we are all going out, super Christmas Eve Eve night out, in the Garage!! We are all really looking forward to it!!

I think this week is gonna be mega festive and I am soooo looking forward to it!

I hope all of you have a great week leading up to Christmas!!!



The Town.

Published August 11, 2011 by laurrx

Hey, hey, hey…i’m what’s happening
pass that dutch, pass that dutch…

Anyhoo! Hi guys hope we’re all well.

So today I had an Open Day/Interview Making thingy jig in town and I’d like to share the wonders of Glasgow City Centre (it’s right at this very moment when i’m fully regretting not taking pictures).

Firstly, PET HATE! Walking up/down Buchanan street and people giving out leaflets advertising:
make up
freaking painting!!!
Are all right up in amongst your face when its wet and you have an interview you’re stressing about and you just plain don’t enjoy having to take your earphones out!! Also one girl approached me at Starbucks chatting away then acted like i was the rude one when i took my earphones out. Now if i wanted to be contacted with my head would be UP! it wasnt!! Then further on down Buchanan Street and St Enoch Centre, i stood outside buttoning myself and getting my umbrella out and one girl fully weaved through a few people just to get to me…and she was going on about the same thing the Starbucks gal was! So i’d had enough – these two girls were not the only two – and said “yeah, i spoke to a girl up there” and she just beamed at me (obviously thinking that i had agreed and signed up for it). Her fave fell dramatically when i said “i said i wasnt interested, sorry” and smiled my best smile. I understand people have to traffic stop but just NO.

Then i was a tad early for my interview so i stood under some shelter at M&S and just people watched for 15 minutes or so. One guy – true Glaswegian this one – took about 10 minutes to walk past me, as for every one step he took he stumbled two steps back while his friend was going “george, moan mate! moan pal. Gonnae hurry up!”. I am sometimes mortified to live here.


These days i have to say i am surprised and also impressed and proud of the Scots this past week. I can’t believe all these riots that are taking place down south right now. I think that they should be well embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. Apparently some guy up here has been arrested for attempting to start a riot. Thats what they need down there, some of the “Glesga Polis”… They’ll set them straight. I was a bit worried riots might start up here but my mum did say the police wouldn’t stand for it. And today Melo has recieved a BBM saying that there “might” be riots and police have went into Frasers/Zara etc to clear the window displays. So we decided “no we don’t believe that”.

dun dun dun!!!

I went into Frasers to visit my friend who works at Clarins and he told me that Prada and Gucci had been stripped bare on Tuesday night and all the floats had to be sent upstairs and not kept in the tills.

NOW, what do we believe? Could they start up in here? GADZ 😦 i hope not, i’ll not leave my house. And i need to party on Sunday night! Wooo!

Anyway enough of this blab and time for some sleep.

Night y’allllll