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7 deadly sins of make up

Published May 23, 2012 by laurrx

i’ve been watching videos and reading all kinds of blogs and read some tags for the “7 deadly sins of beauty and make up”. it seemed really fun, so i’m gonna give that a bash…

what product do you have a love/hate relationship with?
probably any kind of loose pigment that i own – and that would be very little because of the issues i seem to have with it. i have a few MAC pigments and i always get fall out under my eye and can’t every seem to fix that situation. then i get it all over my carpet… like the time when i didn’t put the lid on properly and never noticed then knocked it over and it went EVERYWHERE. then i get really mad! but i love it because it’s a great colour and it turns out really bright and long-lasting. my solution to these problems is either using a tissue under your eye to catch the fall out or dabbing loose powder under your eye to catch the fall out and then brushing it all away after eyeshadow application.

1. whats the most inexpensive make up product you use?
probably has to be a rimmel lip-liner i bought quickly before my 21st party. it must have cost me like £4 or something and it’s actually really good. i really rely on my lip-liner when i’m wearing one of my MAC pink colours, just so it’s not liable to smudge or anything because i fully hate hate hate smudged lip colour!
2. whats the most expensive make up product you use?
has to be the Estee Lauder double wear foundation i use. it’s quite costly, but it’s the best foundation i’ve ever used. i could wear it on a night out and don’t feel scared that it’s running off when i’m warm or patchy. the only issue i have with it is that i need two shades because of my weird skin!!

whats the most delicious make up product you own?
this might be cheating but this isn’t a make up product this is just a beauty product. it’s my Body Shop strawberry body butter. i could easily eat it, it smells like strawberry munch bunch yogurt and it’s so creamy and makes my skin feel and smell great. if this doesn’t count the next one has to be Georgia from Benefit, the Box O’ Powder. You remember those smelly gel pens you used to get? well…this smells just like the orange one!amazing.

what make up product do you skip due to laziness?
this would be eyeshadow. i can’t ever put just one colour on, it has to be 5-8 colours. especially if i’m using my Urban Decay Naked Palette. and sometimes if i’m just going out for a drive or dinner with my friends, i cannot be bothered with that!

what make up product makes you feel most confident about yourself?
definitely foundation. i hate when my skin is really bad although it could possibly be my own fault for not properly taking care of my skin. so when i have spots and especially in warm weather when my skins pigment just goes all over the place and my skin gets all blotchy, foundation is my best friend for covering the imperfections and evening out my skin tone. and i do feel better about myself.

what trait in the opposite sex attracts you to them most?
this is so random? this isn’t even a make up or beauty related question. nonetheless it’s in the list… probably confidence. i cannot stand having to take the lead or anything. i don’t mean dancing and. i hate boys that you can’t hold a conversation with, they also need have to have good chat…and nice eyes! blue preferably.

what make up product would you most like to receive as a gift?
Make Up Forever Flash Palette!!! i have wanted this forever!!! and it’s far too expensive!

these are my deadly sins.

catch up: i’ve said before, that i’ve been on a make up ban but i’ve ordered new shoes and cute jewellery from River Island and i’ll get them on my blog. River Island have a cute new collection and the jewellery is actually really inexpensive so i was shocked that i’ve gone and spent £21 and managed to buy 5 items! and none of them were sale items.it’s also summer and i’m off to TITP in 43 days (when it’s also my 22nd birthday. note: flash palette…) so i need to get out and buy some festival wear. the weather in Glasgow is gorgeous right now and i am temping in an office – just my luck. so when i get my beautiful pay from this job, i’ll be out shopping!!!!


spring fling – essentials for the season

Published March 28, 2012 by laurrx

the weather in scotland has been gorgeous this week. there was constant blue skies and the sun was out all day, in work i was sunning myself and actually got some colour. not bad for March, i thought!

but finally spring has sprung and the sun had shone, so i thought i’d share some of my favourite spring/summer products…

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream Normal/Dry, Medium
so, i only got this like a week ago but i already LOVE it. i think i’ve used it a bit more than i normally would because of the weather.  this BB Cream is SPF 15 and has 5* UVA technology which protects the skin. it’s great for this season and the weather we’ve been having – of which i hope we get more of – with it being really light on the skin. i use this in the day time, and set it with my MAC powder. with this BB Cream i don’t use concealer, well really in this weather i don’t use concealer (only because i’ve yet to come across a good one that will stay!), i only don’t use concealer because the shade of this i have seems to cover up enough with just one layer.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original
primer is a great invention in the warm weather, there’s NOTHING worse than extreme panda eyes and smudged eyeshadow when you’re getting your tan on. this is the best primer i’ve ever used and it’s UD’s #1  best selling product and i can fully see why. primer potion makes colours pop and it’d make the colour on your eyes look great in this season. i’m sure i read that pastel colours were in and there’s nothing i dislike more than pastel eyeshadow, but after trying it out using the primer it looks really cute and would look great on holiday or just in the park with your friends, or sitting in a beer garden finding your next spring fling…

NARS Blush – Orgasm
i am just in love with this pinky-peachy-corally coloured blush. this picture does NOT do the colour justice (give the NARS website a visit and check it out). it highlights the cheeks as well with the subtle accents of gold shimmer. it’s a great colour for the time of year, really natural and bright. a big plus for this being a blush and faint highlighter, is that it’s a 2-1 which means the less product packed on your face when it’s warm or humid outside

MAC Lipstick – Girl About Town
the things i love the most about MAC lipsticks are probably…
1. the smell
2. the pigmented colour
3. how moisturising they are.
the strong pigmentation really helps in the weather and maybe fun spring activities, where you’d forget to re-apply so it really stays and you don’t need to worry about it. the lipsticks are so moisturising which is great, especially for people like me who forget to use product to prevent the lips from being burnt. and after the lips are burned they need to be moisturised and this not only helps the burnt lips, looks amazing on…the smell is just a bonus.

Some fun flower hair clips from various shops
i love putting flowers in my hair, at the weekend me and my sisters were rocking about Aberdeen with daffodils stuck in our hair. it always looks so summery and pretty. i need to stack up on them for the summer – TITP and Zante – so i can shove them in my hair for something cute to add to the style.

hope you loved my spring fling blog, what’s your favourite product for the sun and the season?


February Favourites

Published March 3, 2012 by laurrx


why has my font changed…?

it’s such a gorgeous day outside and i’m sat, still in my jammies, abusing my sky+ planner. February was such a quick month, and when i said this someone replied “oh that’s cause it’s got less days!”. No smart ass, it’s got like 3 less days than any other month but in this case only two less days than any other month…

in February i was loving…

*New Girl
Zooey Deschanel is slowly becoming one of my favourite actresses. I love love love New Girl. i now want to live with those three guys. It makes a Friday night in more bearable. I’m actually watching last nights episode again, i loved it. If you haven’t watched it, i suggest you do!

*Rules of Engagement
i don’t know how comedy can get any better than David Spade and Patrick Warburton. I love David Spade in 8 Simple Rules as CJ, so when i seen that he was in Rules of Engagement i HAD to watch it, then when i seen Patrick Warburton (Nick Sharp in 8 Simple Rules and the voice of Joe in Family Guy) was in it, i was already online watching it. It is hysterical! WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT!

*Bobbi Brown Mini Brights Palette
 i got this for my 21st, but as you know i have a disgraceful amount of eyeshadows so i need to rotate ha! this season is all about pastels and the colours in this cute palette are perfect.

*Soap and Glory Righteous Butter
i use this after i’ve showered and used the pulp fiction scrub from S&G, this is one of the company’s first products. i remember first buying it when i worked at those Tiny Taxi’s in braehead. i will not go on about how much i love the products or the smell. but this is actually one of the best moisturisers i have ever used. i always have really dry skin, but after i started using this as often as i do now, i have noticed my skin is soft and hydrated. i would recommend this moisturiser above any expensive brand one. S&G have just brought out a LITRE tub of this. i’m dying to finish this one so i can buy it!!

*Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow – Fantasme
i love love love this eyeshadow. i bought it in Gran Canaria last year, but recently i’ve been wearing it more often. i always wear it over a really bright colour. But last week i wore it over Mac – Carbon eyeshadow. And it was really nice .it is really long lasting, it’s not like a pigment that will fall out or smudge it’s a gel formula and it stays in place all night. i’ve never wore it on it’s own but it’s like a glitter so i’d always recommend it be worn over a colour, because i also think that over a colour it really pops.
*iPhone apps – Instagram and PicFrame
i got instagram a while ago but i just got PicFrame this morning and i’m loving them. they’re both really easy to use, and they work really well together. you can use PicFrame then send them to Instagram to edit them and post them on your account. Both apps cost 69p, which isn’t much if you aren’t completely skint! i am obsessed. I suggest you download them if you have an iphone right now!
my mum called me about 2 hours ago to tell me to do some housewifely chores…but instead i’ve been making a playlist for Linda’s houseparty, i’ve showered, eaten a load of crap and wrote this blog. i also have to make some dinner, so i should scoot!

Palettes and Catseyes

Published August 10, 2011 by laurrx

I wanted to do a blog on my eyeshadow palettes (don’t get excited – i have 3!) but also a blog on the look i done on my eyes for my friend Allan’s 21st. Both would be short and boring so i just mushed them. Hope you enjoy.

My Eyeshadow Palettes

First up

I bought this off eBay for £25!! TWENTY FIVE!! Can’t believe it! I heart eBay! This palette is amazing, it’s got every colour for every look for every occasion for every part of the face. The light colours are great for highlighting, the brown/bronzer colours are great for contouring, the pink/purple/reds are great for the lips (apply lipgloss, then with a lip brush just apply over the lip gloss). The colours are so, so pigmented, it is great and they are so fun to work with!


I bought this in Boots for £15 (usually £30, woo! half price! BARGAIN!). My favourite are the five at the top where you can make a natural every day/every night look. This is a look i created and added to my youtube channel (amateur video but hope you enjoy the look).
Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf Makeup Look – Nude, Natural, Pretty
The colours, i hate to say, arent as pigmented as i’d hope – sad face – but if you wear primer definetly and apply enough it should work fab!


This hardly looks touched. To be fair, i haven’t used it much really. I got it on the plane to Zante last year and i have used to about 5 times since! So it’s not a “favourite” but its a palette i have. It comes with the smashbox photo lid primer, which i have used loads and its really god! It came with an Eye Wish Look Book which has loads of looks for you to try, whenever i’ve used this palette i’ve used the book and the looks have worked out really well!! I will try it more and maybe do a review on it? Perhaps.

Next Step!!


(Please so ignore the blemish about my eye, only the eye make up had been done. Also picture quality isn’t good!)
I was wearing to this party a pink dress i got from Zara and I was accesorizing with black. So i went for black eyes, nude lips!

For the eyes:
Urban Decay primer potion applied all over the lid and below. Using Benefits Talent Brush and MAC eyeshadow in Carbon, patting the colour all over the lid, then use the very tip of the brush to shape out the wing, then fill the shape out.  Bring the wing down to lower lash line and using a cotton bud just to blur out the harsh lines. I then used the No7 Smokey Eyeliner brush to slightly blur the edges of the shape on the lids.I then applied a thick layer of Lancome’s Le Crayon Khol in Noir to the the top and bottom waterlines and right into the corner of the eye. After that i used CoverGirl LashBlastFusion mascara and moved onto the faced.

Finished look. Just without good picture quality!! (i need to not take pictures in front of my pink feature wall as the colour reflects and i look right red in the face!!)

The rest of the face:I used Estee Lauder double wear in Pale Almond, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze and NARS blush in Orgasm and Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink. Then i applied MAC Viva Gaga II with a Gap lipgloss over it for added shine. I also used the Shimmer Brick and a small eyeshadow brush to contour my nose and my MAC 168 crush to contour my cheek bones.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, and this look. Chat soon!


All Time Faves.

Published August 4, 2011 by laurrx

Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in.

I’m going to dive right in and start my very first blog.

When I was getting ready to go to a party last night, every make up item i picked up made me think “this is one of my favourites” or “I always use this, I love it” blah blah blah such and such.

I always watch make up gurus on youtube who tend to do “July favourites” and since i really haven’t plucked the courage up to make my own videos, I thought, why not a blog? So now I’m going to share my all-time favourite make up products with you. Please enjoy


(the picture quality isn’t as good as i thought – oops!)

  Bobbi Brown Blush Brush – £35.00

I bought my blush brush in Paris last year. Some people don’t get the  big deal with brushes, neither did I until i purchased this bad boy. It’s the softest brush ever and applies blush perfectly! I recommend this 100%.

 YSL Touche Eclat – £24.50

I bought this on an aeroplane once just because it was cheap, and ever since I have relied on this baby to cover my dark eyes and dark shadows on my face. I apply it, not directly under my eyes where the concealer goes but, to right above the cheek bone – always before blusher. Its not a concealer its a radiance touch. It brings light right toward where applied. So on the cheekbone, brow bone is a must, the ridge of the nose to slim the nose and then your cupids bow.

 MAC Lipstick – £13.50

My MAC Lipsticks are all fairly new so I don’t know if they can be classes as “all-time” favourites, but i still love them!! L-R Viva Glam GaGa II, Amplified – Full Fuschia, Amplified – Girl About Town. I bought the nude lipstick when I was in Paris and accidently lost it on a night out so I was really gutted about that an bought myself another one in Florida last month, along with Girl About Town. I borrowed a friend’s GAT for a party and I really liked the colour so i bought my very own.VGG is a really nice shade, not too false and not too boring and realistic. And Full Fuschia was given to me as a gift for my birthday. It’s really pretty and out of the three I’d probably wear this one more. I really like MAC lipsticks and I’m definetely going to buy more in the future. They are very long lasting, they don’t smudge of the lip line (especially if lipliner is worn) and they are really moisturising, as i really hate lipsticks that dry your lips out. I also think they are quite inexpensive and they last really long apparently so I’m looking forward to enjoying my colours for a lot longer. I could quite literally gush about these lipsticks. But no. Let’s move on!

Cover Girl Last Blash Infusion Mascara – around $8

I bought this in Florida in a Target store. I honestly thought Covergirl was a really good brand and quite expensive. I was right about the good brand but wrong about the price. Everything was really fairly priced and this happens to be the best mascara I’ve ever used (also just found out MaxFactor has brought out EXACT same – not even a dup!). It has really fine bristles (I should have probably have taken a picture…) and they catch all eyelashes and the actual mascara brush itself is really chunky. It really lengthens the lashes and darkens them and i feel with this mascara on I don’t have to wear false eyelashes.

MAC Venemous Villains Cruella De’Ville Eyeshadow in Carbon – £11.50

I’m not 100% on this price, as this was given to me as a birthday present. I am not keen on black eyeshadow as i feel it always tends to smudge and you look like you’re just in from a night out – just as your stepping into the club. But this eyeshadow managed to cling for the whole night. It was so easy to apply with an eyeshadow primer on and its such a solid black colour. Sometimes you need to apply 3 or 4 times before the colour starts to look black. This one is very impressive and i really love it! I don’t think this colour is just from the VV collection, i think Carbon has always been a MAC colour.

 Lancome Le Crayon Kohl 01 Noir – £15.30

BEST. EYELINER. EVER. Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t fade. I have fallen right in love with this baby. There are no words to describe how good it is. Just buy it! i completely recommend it!

 MAC Tartan Tale Collection Eyeshadow Palette in Beauties Play It Cool – Around £30

The colours are really not as good as they really are purples, blues, greys and silvers. My favourite one is the top right one (Silverwear). I like this palette because I could go to work, a meeting, hangout with my friends, out for drinks, a family do and a full on night out all in one day with it. You could make 100 different looks with these 6 colours. I also love the packaging (again, should have took a pic). Just the whole tartan and MAC “crest” detail is very cute. I hate that they’re always bringing out limited editions. It’s heartbreaking.

Apologies for this quality.
Lancome La Base Pro Primer – £26

This primer completely trumped Benefits That Gal for me. It mattifies the face and leaves the skin dry for the application of foundation or concealer. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections and if anyone was to ask it’s definetly the primer i’d suggest.

Bobbi Brown Blush Pale Pink – £17.00

There is nothing PALE about this blusher. I’ve now got to that stage where i can say “oh i’ve been using this product for…years.” It’s five years i’ve been using it for now. And I will love it forever. Its so cute and gives a gorgeous  colour around the cheeks. I use this on top of another blushed, brushed right on to the apples of the cheeks, and then dabbed on the nose and then the chin for a natural all over colour.

 MAC MSF Natural – £20.50

My mum brought me this back from Vegas last November and that’s me just running out (so i was smart, thought ahead and bought one in FL). I’d  never used any MSF before and i really, really like it. Its another fab long lasting fave of mine. I either use it over tinted moisturiser or as a setter for my foundation and i am really impressed with it.

 MAC Venemous Villains Collection Cruella De’Ville – Darkly My Dear

This is the blush under which i put the Bobbi Brown blush. It’s a great base so that the pink isn’t just splattered on like a little dolly. It looks a lot pink/red thanit is. It’s a kind of light plum shade. I really like it, although i don’t know how much it is because, again, it was a birthday gift.

 Benefit Georgia – £23.50

I got totally conned into buying this when i thought that it made absolutely no difference to my face at all. But up until about a month ago i realised it really does make the difference. Its not brightening, i can’t think but the back of the box says “for a fresh complexion” and i can agree with that. It is really fresh and if you ever even wake up thinking your skin looks dull/boring, apply this to cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.

 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze – £30.50

This is my favourite bronzer, which has completely taken the shin from Benefits Hoola. Its not that false shimmering kind and its not too matte. It’s the prefect amount of shim!! I use this all over my face then take a smalled face brush and apply the top colours to my cheek bones to highlight and the darker colours in the hollows of my cheeks/temples to contour. It’s  multi-tasking bronzer! My boyfriend bought me Hoola two Christmases ago and I lost it (same night I lost my Viva Glam lippie) and when he gave me this wrapped up last Christmas the tag said “Don’t lose this one!!” and i had no idea, as I’d forgot i asked him for it ages before the holiday and assumed he would forget and he didnt! This one’s a special one! (The bronzer not the boy.)

 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Pale Almond – £26.50

This is one of the best foundations i’ve ever used! I always find on nights out when i perpsire on if my face gets oily, the foundation i have on seems to run away with it. Double Wear just stays put amazingly, it’s so impressive. It’s meant to be 15 hour stay in place make up, and it really does what it stays and probably stays on longer. I also use it as a concealer sometimes! It’s amazing and I was so impressed with how long it lasted and would 100% recommend this also!!

Sorry if I rambled. I’m sitting thinking “ohmygod this would take forever to read, but i suppose not. It just took forever to write.